Fair West Neighbors Helping Neighbors And Our City

Last week a group of neighbors came together to keep our neighbor Hillary Malu’s house from becoming a victim of property crime.

Will was out for his daily walk when he saw someone hanging around Hillary’s home. When he returned from his walk, he saw the person was in her backyard. Neighbors Jay and Adri also notice the person lurking about Hillary’s property and notified Will and his wife Nola. Nola contacted Eric Sutton, who reached out to neighbors to get Hillary’s phone number to warn her. Eric Sutton and Ruben monitored the situation and saw that the person had entered the house. Nola and several others call the police. Thanks to the neighbors’ efforts, the police quickly responded. Eric, Will, his wife Nola, Jay, Adri, Kathy Turner, and Alice Harsh all helped to make sure that the police had the information they needed and stayed to support Hillary when she arrived from work.

It was truly heartwarming to see neighbors come together in this caring and supportive group. Thanks to these heroes (the neighbors and the law enforcement) nothing was taken or damaged and the offender was arrested. Without this vigilance, it could have been so much worse. I personally would like to thank everyone who came together to support our neighbor.

Please note there was a conversation about which number to call. Always call 911 when a crime is in progress or there is the possibility of physical or property harm. Call 242-COPS for all other reports. It is important not to tie up the 911 line with calls about anything other than a situation that law enforcement must address immediately to avert a crime or harm.

Hillary Malu, Eric Sutton, and Kathy Turner are all on the Fair West Neighborhood board. Check out this article by KRQE News for more information. https://www.krqe.com/news/when-to-call-911-vs-242-cops/