Tree Planting Opportunity in Fair West Neighborhood

If four other Fair West neighbors are willing to help drive this program and if 100 homes (property owners) can be found for the trees in our neighborhood, then FWNA will apply for this tree grant.

If you are interested in being a program volunteer driver or making a home for a tree on your property please message or email

The deadline is May 10, 2021, six days before the annual meeting.

About the NeighborWoods Program

City Councilor Davis and Tree NM have teamed up once again to bring District 6 another NeighborWoods Grant opportunity. If your association is interested in 100 free street trees and 100 free small trees to be planted this fall please apply by Monday, May 10th .

Over the past years NeighborWoods Grants have brought over 800 trees and the knowledge to care for them to the South San Pedro, Trumbull Village, Elder Homestead, University Heights, Victory Hills, and Parkland Hills neighborhoods. And your neighborhood could be next!

Neighborhood Association Requirements:

  • A group of around 5 lead volunteers to help us drive the project
  • As many volunteers as possible to plant the trees
  • Help finding homes for the 100 street trees

Additional Information:

  • Clusters of trees are most impactful. We can plant anywhere within 20 feet back from the street (front and side yards are ok in some cases!)
  • There are usually 8+ varieties of street trees that will be available
  • Property owners must sign for the trees and Tree-Bates will be available

FWNA Annual Meeting at Fox Park/Zoom| May 16, 2021

Fair West Neighborhood Association FWNA will hold our Annual Meeting at Marion Fox Park on Saturday, May 16th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. This will be a hybrid meeting with Zoom and socially distanced in person.

  • The link for Zoom will be shared through the Information Blog
  • If you plan to attend in person please do not socialize in the park with people outside your COVID 19 pod
  • Remain 6 feet away from others and always wear a mask
  • Please bring your own chairs for this event

After two years of hard work, we are proud to announce that a revision of the bylaws was passed at the last board meeting, Sunday, April 11 th . We will have a signing ceremony at the annual meeting.

We will be discussing the upcoming ice cream social, and the scary supper so bring your ideas and be ready to volunteer. We are also in need of a membership chairperson and a newsletter editor.

While the expiration date of dues remains March 31st the price of dues has gone up $10.00, annual dues are now $15.00 for both resident and business membership. If your family does not have the financial mean to pay this amount please requesting a one-year waiver by sending an email to

If you have paid your membership fee between April 1, 2021 and March 31 st , 2021 your membership will not expire until March 31 st , 2022.

For the next two-year term of officers, Paul Sanchez, current secretary, has put his hat in the ring to be president. Katherine Turner, current president, has agreed to be vice president. Eric Sutton, current membership chairperson has asked to step down from his position and take up the position of secretary. Colton Dean, co-chair of the bylaw’s revision committee, was appointed interim treasure at the April 11 th meeting to fill the space vacated by our long-standing treasure Miguel Avitia who stepped down last October. Colton has expressed a desire to retain this position into the 2021-2023 term. Since, in accordance with the bylaws, the Board of Directors shall have first consideration for Officer nominations, if no Board Members express desire for these seats, these nominees will run unopposed.

General Board members currently are: Patty, Keane, current Vice President, Sharon Lawson; events coordinator, Shawna Araiza; Webmaster, Jim Farmin, past president, Mary Ryland, Phyllis Kissinger, Neta Dominguez, Eric Sutton.

We will be electing one general board seat.

Please note that the bylaws state: voting privileges shall be: one (1) vote per paid Membership and must be cast in person during meetings where voting is required. If a Resident Member and a Business Member share an address, and have paid their annual dues, both may cast a vote. This is the only circumstance where two (2) or more votes from one address will be accepted.

Please sign up for the information blog at and follow us on Facebook.

Kirtland AFB Town Hall Meeting | Bulk Fuels Facility Cleanup

Dear Neighbor,

The Air Force will be hosting a virtual open house for the Kirtland Air Force Base Bulk Fuels Facility Cleanup project on Thursday, April 22, 2021 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

In light of Coronavirus concerns, this open house will be held virtually using a platform provided by the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT). Attendees will need to download the free Adobe Connect software to join the virtual meeting. It is suggested this be done in advance of the meeting date and time. The software can be downloaded at   

Community members interested in joining the virtual open house can join using the following internet connection:

An updated presentation will be provided that will include a project status update and a question and answer period. To submit questions, e-mail

If you would like additional information, please contact Brannon Lamar at 377 Air Base Wing Public Affairs at (505) 639-8420 or by email,

We ask that you share this notification with others in your community and hope you can join us at the upcoming event!

Kirtland Air Force Base Public Affairs

Walk Audit Update – Deadline Now Sunday, April 18th

The Walk Audit Activity on Saturday, March 28th went great. I want to thank the neighbors who participated: Dorothy Kerwin, Paul Sanchez, Rich Wood, Tom Turner, Joe Turner, and Alison Turner. I would also like to thank Terra Reed: CABQ Vision Zero/Safe Street Coordinator, Rebecca Bolen: Planner CABQ Planning Department, and Sarah Ijadi: Transportation Planner with the Mid-Region Council of Government for helping to organize this event and leading the walks.

If you are interested in a Self-Directed Walking Audit – Here is how:

1 Get A Walk Audit Activity Packet

  • There are paper audits to fill out in the park. On the Information Board Kiosk and in the Information Box attached to the FWNA sign
  • Download and print the PDF or there is also an online version of the self-directed walk audit at You can move the map or describe your route in the comments. If you use the route we used, just put Fair West Route.

2 Hand your completed audit in by midnight, Sunday, April 18th

Thank you for being an active part of making our neighborhood great.

Join Us to Assess Our Neighborhood with City Planners

Fair West Neighbors:

Make sure your voice is heard about the livability of Fair West, the Near Heights, and ABQ. Please join us in assessing our neighborhood with City planners as part of the Community Planning Area (CPA) assessment going on now for our area, defined as Near Heights.

Two ways to participate

  1. In-person Walking Audit. Saturday, March 27th from 9:45 am to 11:30 am
  • Take part in one of two 8 person groups
  • We will gather at 9:45 am at Marion L. Fox Memorial Park. Groups will leave the park no later than 10:10 am and will conclude at the park at 11:30 am
  • The walking audit is one mile long and will take an hour to an hour and a half to complete, depending on pace and time needed for discussion. Preview the route here.
  • We will need one person to document each of the two audits with a video camera. Please indicate if you would like this position and can bring a camera with enough space and battery life to record for the whole audit when you send your email to register.
  • Please bring water, a pen or pencil, and a clipboard (if you have one.) Some clipboards will be available to borrow.
  • The walking audit will follow state COVID-19 guidelines. All participants will be expected to wear masks at all times and observe social distancing.

To register send an email with your name and contact information to Participation will be first come first serve. If you sign up and find you cannot attend, please send an email so someone else can have your spot.

  1. Self-directed Walking Audit
  • After the in-person Walking Audit you will be able to conduct your own audit.
  • We will post instructions and video of the in-person audit on our Facebook page with a link to submit your findings to City staff.
  • You will have a week to complete and return your self-directed Walking Audit. The deadline for submission will be Midnight on Sunday, April 4, 2021

Thank you,
Fair West Neighborhood Association

Fair West Neighbors, We Need Your Help

To prepare for the Community Planning Area (CPA) Assessment, we are asking Fair West Neighbors to please get together and out into the neighborhood to do an assessment. For information on the CPA Assessment visit:

  1. You can do a walkability assessment:
    Here are some resources: [PDF}
  2. You can do a Pedestrian and Bicycle assessment:…/tool…/docs/fhwasa20042.pdf [PDF]

    If you have questions, send them to
    The Fair West Neighborhood president has a dropbox on her porch if you would like to drop off physical reports and there is another in the park.

Send your results to

Thank you,
Fair West Neighborhood Association

What Do You Want to See More of in Our Community?

Dear FWNA community,

The Near Heights Community Planning Area (CPA) assessment has begun. If we want to have our voices heard and improve our area, then we must speak up.

Go to Do the Pre-Assessment Survey, and the Interactive map then get a group of 2-3 together and do the Group Activities.

Then you will be ready to share your ideas with the CPA team in March when we have a neighborhood walkthrough with the CPA team. Please contact Katherine Turner if you would like information on this event.

What is a Community Planning Area (CPA)?

The City of Albuquerque Planning Department works with communities in each of 12 areas to plan for the future. Our area, Near Heights, planning has started and runs from Feb to May 2021

What is a CPA Assessment?

Each community should include places where people can work, play, learn, shop, and do all the other meaningful activities that contribute to a high-quality life. Over the next 4 years, City staff¬ is seeking the support and expertise of local communities to help identify what’s working well and what might be needed in each CPA. An assessment sets out community priorities and recommends actions for the City or for organizations in the community to take.

Why should you engage in this planning process?

Help identify what you want to see more of in your community. Share your concerns about housing, transportation, parks/open space, and other priorities. Grow your community’s capacity to build on existing strengths and address issues. Identify resources, projects, and partnerships that can help your community move toward a shared vision.

Your Community. Your Voice. Get Involved!

The Fair West Neighborhood Association (FWNA) enables residents and businesses to exchange ideas, develop a unified voice, and address community concerns. The Board uses this unified voice to work with our neighbors and city officials to promote the well-being and safety of the people who live, work, and play here.

Please, visit our website at, join our mailing list at, follow our BLOG to stay informed, and connect with us on Facebook at Your financial support is always helpful and appreciated.