FWNA Annual Meeting at Fox Park/Zoom| May 16, 2021

Fair West Neighborhood Association FWNA will hold our Annual Meeting at Marion Fox Park on Saturday, May 16th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. This will be a hybrid meeting with Zoom and socially distanced in person.

  • The link for Zoom will be shared through the Information Blog
  • If you plan to attend in person please do not socialize in the park with people outside your COVID 19 pod
  • Remain 6 feet away from others and always wear a mask
  • Please bring your own chairs for this event

After two years of hard work, we are proud to announce that a revision of the bylaws was passed at the last board meeting, Sunday, April 11 th . We will have a signing ceremony at the annual meeting.

We will be discussing the upcoming ice cream social, and the scary supper so bring your ideas and be ready to volunteer. We are also in need of a membership chairperson and a newsletter editor.

While the expiration date of dues remains March 31st the price of dues has gone up $10.00, annual dues are now $15.00 for both resident and business membership. If your family does not have the financial mean to pay this amount please requesting a one-year waiver by sending an email to abqfairwest@gmail.com.

If you have paid your membership fee between April 1, 2021 and March 31 st , 2021 your membership will not expire until March 31 st , 2022.

For the next two-year term of officers, Paul Sanchez, current secretary, has put his hat in the ring to be president. Katherine Turner, current president, has agreed to be vice president. Eric Sutton, current membership chairperson has asked to step down from his position and take up the position of secretary. Colton Dean, co-chair of the bylaw’s revision committee, was appointed interim treasure at the April 11 th meeting to fill the space vacated by our long-standing treasure Miguel Avitia who stepped down last October. Colton has expressed a desire to retain this position into the 2021-2023 term. Since, in accordance with the bylaws, the Board of Directors shall have first consideration for Officer nominations, if no Board Members express desire for these seats, these nominees will run unopposed.

General Board members currently are: Patty, Keane, current Vice President, Sharon Lawson; events coordinator, Shawna Araiza; Webmaster, Jim Farmin, past president, Mary Ryland, Phyllis Kissinger, Neta Dominguez, Eric Sutton.

We will be electing one general board seat.

Please note that the bylaws state: voting privileges shall be: one (1) vote per paid Membership and must be cast in person during meetings where voting is required. If a Resident Member and a Business Member share an address, and have paid their annual dues, both may cast a vote. This is the only circumstance where two (2) or more votes from one address will be accepted.

Please sign up for the information blog at www.abqfairwest.org and follow us on Facebook.