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Fair West Neighbors, We Need Your Help

To prepare for the Community Planning Area (CPA) Assessment, we are asking Fair West Neighbors to please get together and out into the neighborhood to do an assessment. For information on the CPA Assessment visit:

  1. You can do a walkability assessment:
    Here are some resources: [PDF}
  2. You can do a Pedestrian and Bicycle assessment:…/tool…/docs/fhwasa20042.pdf [PDF]

    If you have questions, send them to
    The Fair West Neighborhood president has a dropbox on her porch if you would like to drop off physical reports and there is another in the park.

Send your results to

Thank you,
Fair West Neighborhood Association

What Do You Want to See More of in Our Community?

Dear FWNA community,

The Near Heights Community Planning Area (CPA) assessment has begun. If we want to have our voices heard and improve our area, then we must speak up.

Go to Do the Pre-Assessment Survey, and the Interactive map then get a group of 2-3 together and do the Group Activities.

Then you will be ready to share your ideas with the CPA team in March when we have a neighborhood walkthrough with the CPA team. Please contact Katherine Turner if you would like information on this event.

What is a Community Planning Area (CPA)?

The City of Albuquerque Planning Department works with communities in each of 12 areas to plan for the future. Our area, Near Heights, planning has started and runs from Feb to May 2021

What is a CPA Assessment?

Each community should include places where people can work, play, learn, shop, and do all the other meaningful activities that contribute to a high-quality life. Over the next 4 years, City staff¬ is seeking the support and expertise of local communities to help identify what’s working well and what might be needed in each CPA. An assessment sets out community priorities and recommends actions for the City or for organizations in the community to take.

Why should you engage in this planning process?

Help identify what you want to see more of in your community. Share your concerns about housing, transportation, parks/open space, and other priorities. Grow your community’s capacity to build on existing strengths and address issues. Identify resources, projects, and partnerships that can help your community move toward a shared vision.

Your Community. Your Voice. Get Involved!

The Fair West Neighborhood Association (FWNA) enables residents and businesses to exchange ideas, develop a unified voice, and address community concerns. The Board uses this unified voice to work with our neighbors and city officials to promote the well-being and safety of the people who live, work, and play here.

Please, visit our website at, join our mailing list at, follow our BLOG to stay informed, and connect with us on Facebook at Your financial support is always helpful and appreciated.