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Fair West Parking Changes – 2018 New Mexico State Fair

Part of living in the Fair West Neighborhood is experiencing the sights and sounds of the NM State Fair. Due to rising costs, the city is no longer able to provide No Parking signs throughout the Fair West Neighborhood and parking passes for the neighbors. For the past couple of years, this has caused problems and confusion.

This year the FWNA board has collaborated with our city councilors and the mayor’s offices, APD and the EXPO NM to develop a strategy that we hope will work for all. The only parking signs will be No Event Parking signs at the entrances to the neighborhood on the North, East and South sides. Fair West neighbors will not receive passes but will but will be able to park on the street as usual.

APD will be creating a Parking Enforcement Team to parole and enforce any illegal parking. Report any parking problems by calling 311 or 242-COPS.

Please spread the word that the State Fair provides free, weekend Park & Ride service from the southwest lot of the Coronado Mall. See All NM State Fair Parking Options

Turn On Lights for NNO

One way to deter crime and show your support for National Night out is to leave your porch light on the night of August 7th. Porch lights that are on from dusk to dawn every night help keep neighborhoods safe. Use a compact fluorescent bulb or LED to keep energy costs low.

Security lights protect our homes. Well placed outdoor lighting can make our homes less desirable targets for criminals. Timers, motion detectors and photocells can be installed
to turn lights on and off automatically. Make sure the timer or photocell is compatible with your bulb. Interior lighting also discourages criminals from entering your home. Put one or two lamps on a timer and use efficient bulbs to save energy.

National Night Out On Tuesday August 7th
Join us in Fox Park for all age games at 6:00 pm
Come early, meet with neighbors and bring a picnic
Drinks and Watermelon Provided by FWNA