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How to Keep Seeing FairWest Neighborhood in Your Facebook Feed

Maybe you’ve heard that Facebook changed its algorithm again. But maybe not, and you’re blissfully unaware that Facebook uses a super-secret calculation to determine what you see in your Facebook feed.  For a while now Facebook’s algorithm has taken into account the type of posts and publishers you interact with and click on, along with the number of likes and loves a post has, and the place a post falls in the current cultural climate.  Meaning posts with lots of thumbs up about trending topics shot right to the top of everyone’s news feed.

Facebook’s New Algorithm

Facebook’s throwing out that old algorithm in favor of a new one that prioritizes:

  • Posts by your friends and family
  • Posts that have a lot of comments
  • Posts that have a lot of shares

(Especially posts shared by and commented on by your friends and family)

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg say the change is to help users make authentic connections again, but it seems likely that they’re trying to curb the chatter surrounding the presidential election and of course, the money. Facebook seems to be finding a new way to force brands and publishers to spend money to boost their posts.

What Facebook’s New Algorithm Means for FairWest Neighborhood

The change is going to be an issue for many of publishers, and it poses a unique challenge for us because we don’t have resources to pay Facebook to let you see our posts.

What You Can Do

There are a few things you can do to make sure you continue to see our posts.

And, most importantly, personally prioritize us in your news feed. Here’s how:

On a computer, go to FairWest Neighborhood’s Facebook page. Click “Follow” (or hover over “Following” if you already follow us) and select “See First.”








Or, on your mobile device: Select the three-line menu in the bottom right-hand corner of iPhone apps/the top right-hand corner of Android apps.

Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select “Settings.”


















Select “News Feed Preferences.”


















Select “Prioritize who to see first.”











Select FairWest Neighborhood and any other pages you want to see first in your feed. The pages/profiles you select will show a blue and white star.















Select “Done!”

Thank you.