International District Action Draft and Forum Notes

View a draft report created by the City on potential improvements along Albuquerque’s historic Central Avenue for the Fair West neighborhood and neighborhoods in the International District.

The International District Recommendations Draft (PDF)

A public meeting was held on 11/7 to discuss draft components for the International District.  Remember, illustrations in all the documents are responses to priorities that arose from community discussions. They’re conversation aids, not depictions of already determined outcomes. Notes from the Fall Action Forum held on 11/7/17 (PDF).

If you were unable to attend the action forum, you can leave feedback on the comment form at the Greater Central Avenue website.

Albuquerque is currently experiencing two once in a lifetime changes: a revision of our citywide zoning code and a major transportation investment on our Main Street, Central Avenue. Learn more how goals and strategies for Central Ave improvements were explored.

The International District

The International District is rich and diverse in culture. Yet these aspects are not fully expressed in the urban structure and form. The EXPO New Mexico site is a significantly underutilized asset that currently separates rather than connects the various neighborhoods. There are no clear neighborhood centers, despite the popularity of Talin Market.

Residents aspire to have a sense of place, a strong center, and meaningful locations for community events. Residents feel strongly about the EXPO New Mexico site and have expressed opposition to its large-scale redevelopment and have a vision for the site as the City’s “Central Park”.

Residents support the redevelopment of Central, Louisiana, San Pedro, and Lomas to mixed use, supporting surrounding communities.