We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Fourth of July holiday!


The ABQ Fire Dept team would like to remind everyone to  please refrain from purchasing illegal fireworks from outside the city. They put you, your family, and your community in danger. If you must buy fireworks, buy locally so they are safe to use in city limits.

Fireworks are not allowed in Fox Memorial Park.

Safety Tips:
1. Place fireworks on a flat, concrete surface away from anything that can catch fire.

2. Keep pets and kids a safe distance from the fireworks.

3. If your pets are scared or tend to run away, place them in a room with the door closed with the TV or radio on.

4. Have a bucket of water handy to fully extinguish the firework after lighting. Let them soak overnight and discard them in the trash in the morning.

5. If you need to report illegal fireworks, call 768-2900 on July 2, 3, 4 from 7PM-1AM. We receive hundreds of calls so please be patient if you can’t get through immediately.

6. If you see a fire or to report an injury, call 911.

Please be safe this year by considering attending public firework shows instead of purchasing fireworks. Stay safe and have a Happy Fourth of July holiday.