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Park Trees Get A Much Needed Trimming

After a week of trimming trees on the west side of Fox Park, the Parks & Recreation maintenance team has started trimming trees on the east side.
treeThe area marked off with caution tape near the playground has a tree with a loose-hanging branch that needs to be removed, but it also has a Cooper’s hawks nest in it. The plan is to tape off the area as a precaution until the fledging hawks are ready to go on their way, then the team will go back and cut the limbs that are loose on that tree.  There aren’t plans to cut down any other trees besides the mostly-dead elm that was cut down last week.  Parks & Recreation said they will continue to monitor for loose limbs that need to be taken care of.

The Forestry Division has said that they are willing to meet with neighbors and our association to answer questions about the hawks in our park if we’d like.

If you’re interested in being on the Park’s committee, have questions, or comments, please contact any of the FWNA association members.

A big thanks to Leah for following up with the city and keeping FWNA up-to-date with the maintenance for Fox Park.









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